Secret “GOLDEN FLOWER” Neidan (Inner Alchemy) Meditation

Benefits of practicing “GOLDEN FLOWER” Neidan (Inner Alchemy) Meditation

The major objective is to revert our bodies to their infantile state. Now, visualize a baby who sleeps extremely well. No matter how noisy, bright, and unpleasant the surroundings is, it has no influence on a baby who can always settle into a deep sleep. Which may induce your body into a state of deep healing and recovery. By reverting to the infant stage, you will feel younger, more energized, and rejuvenated. You notice that some of the wrinkles on your face have disappeared. Your skin will revert to its youthful hydration and elasticity. Your entire body will feel younger than it was previously. Several of your body’s problems are resolved. Continue to practice the GOLDEN FLOWER and you will uncover an expanding variety of wonderful benefits, some of which are beyond your imagination.

The critical thing is to resurrect our internal “QI” and to empower it to work for us. We will discuss the distinctions between “AIR”, external “QI”, and internal “QI” throughout the course. Disclosing their subtle relationship and demonstrating how to convert to such extraordinary internal “QI”. Naturally, we will also illustrate how to utilize this incredible internal “QI” for the benefit of your entire body.


Basic $8,800

10 Days course

Plus a 3-year one-on-one private coaching package.


Advanced $28,800

12 Months course

Plus a 10-year one-on-one private coaching package.


Master $68,800

36 Months course

In addition, a lifetime of one-on-one private coaching is included.


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Private individual  teaching

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